General Contracting

 Spence Brothers general contractor 

Spence Brothers is very passionate about the General Contracting approach for construction projects. It's a very large part of our history.  At Spence Brothers, the key benefits of General Contracting are:


  • Our full responsibility of trade contractors, rather than a simple owner's advisor
  • Experienced Estimators who can accurately interpret construction documents and write clear, complete bid scopes for trade contractors, resulting in lower bids without gaps or duplication
  • Superintendents and Project Managers that know how to build, not just push paper
  • Tradesmen who are regarded as the very best in Michigan, when they self perform concrete, carpentry and selective demolition. 


Spence Brothers has earned relationships buillt on trust and honest communication with trade contractors across Michigan. We believe the strength of these relationships fuel our unique competitive advantage.  How?   Spence Brothers' ability to accurately scope the trade requirements of a project and involve highly qualified trade contractors in the bidding process translates to wide bid coverage.  Key subcontractors and suppliers recognize Spence Brothers' projects are well managed, which benefits our customers through lower trade work bids.


The rich history of succesful General Contractor projects has earned the trust of Spence Brothers' project partners.  From the many repeat customers, who continue to rely on Spence Brothers to meet their construction needs time and Architects and Engineers across Michigan, who see Spence Brothers as their advocate in turning vision into reality.

Would the traditional aspects of the Spence Brothers' General Contractor approach benefit your project?  Give us a call or drop us a note with your questions knowing that our prompt and professional response is built on over a century's worth of experience, from one of Michigan's most trusted construction partners.

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