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Design/Build Services

In order to successfully complete any building construction project, it is necessary to assemble a team including the owner (client), the design team and the construction team.

In the case of a design/build project, Spence Brothers provides both the design and construction through the use of a single contract between Spence Brothers and the Owner.   

At Spence Brothers, we have separated the Design/Build process into six phases:

1.)  Program Development
2.)  Program Analysis
3.)  Conceptual Design 
4.)  Design Development
5.)  Contract (Bidding) Documents
6.)  Construction Execution and Administration

The advantage to this delivery method is time savings, since construction of the project starts well before final design documents are complete.  Design/Build is attractive to Owners because it provides them one single point of contact responsible for quality, cost, and schedule control.  

Is the Design/Build construction method the right choice for you?  Our extensive history of successfully completed projects allows us to effectively judge whether or not Owners can realize their goals associated with cost and the quick delivery of their finished product.

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