Company Values

Spence Brothers Values

The values within an organization are the standards of its people.  At Spence Brothers, our values are fundamental to our success.  They are the foundation of our company, define who we are and set us apart from the competition. They underlie our vision of the future, our business strategies and our decisions, actions and behaviors. We live by them.

Six core values are at the heart of Spence Brothers: Safety, Integrity, Mentoring, People, Legacy, Excellence. These six values are linked. As we look at our history, we see a story of how our core values work together and are the source of our success.

We are committed to ensuring a safe and hazard free work place.

We are building on the trust we have earned through honesty, fairness and reliability.

We are building our future by helping each other and our project partners work more effectively, efficiently and develop new skills to succeed.

We build relationships that benefit our customers, employees and other project partners.

Since 1893, we have built monuments leaving a lasting reputation of success.  We will continue to enhance our ability to change and prosper in partnership with our customers and community.

We provide superior services in a professional manner to satisfied customers.