Preconstruction Services

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Estimating is one of the core competencies at Spence Brothers.  Our experienced project managers, estimators and engineers on staff have been estimating their entire careers.  In addition, Spence Brothers has historical databases, a statewide network of subcontractors/suppliers and computerized estimating databases and software to assist our experienced team in developing the most accurate estimate possible. 

Value Engineering (VE) recommendations are only as good as the professionals they came from.  Spence Brothers’ team includes experienced personnel and major professional trade contractor experts who have significant knowledge, experience and a long history of construction to assist in evaluating value engineering.  Throughout the design, we will be reviewing the documents to suggest possible ways to save time and money.

Our Value Engineering Review process is divided into the following phases:

Information Phase: The team gathers information about the program requirements, project design, background, constraints and projected construction costs. The team performs functional analysis of systems and sub-systems to identify high cost areas. 

Evaluation/Analytical Phase: The team evaluates alternatives to determine those with the greatest potential for cost savings and project enhancement.
Development/Recommendation Phase:  The team researches the selected alternatives and ideas and prepares descriptions, sketches and life cycle cost estimates to support VE recommendations/ proposals.

Report Phase:  The team presents VE recommendations to the Owner and Architect orally and/or in writing.

In addition to our value engineering process, our entire Project Team will help avoid costly or infeasible details in the Design Documents through our detail oriented “Constructability Review” process.  Spence Brothers utilizes our Constructability Review Checklist and Coordination Between Disciplines Checklist successfully in reviewing documents in the preconstruction phases on previous projects:


Bid Category Scopes

Subcontractors and owners have come to trust Spence Brothers’ excellent detailed bid category scopes, which are known to eliminate gaps and duplications, which would lower the overall project cost.  

Spence Brothers has also earned the trust of statewide subcontractors through building relationships with them over the past 115 years.  This leads to better coverage on all bid categories and ultimately lower bids.

Our Project Team will work with the Owner and Architect to develop strategic bidding alternates to be priced by the subcontractors during the bidding period.  This allows more value to be added if bids come in under budget.  This has been a very valuable tool we have used with many other owners on other construction management projects.  During and after bids, we also ask subcontractors for any “Voluntary Alternate” ideas, which frequently lead to more savings to the Owner.

After subcontracts are issued, Spence Brothers’ experienced supervision personnel continue to work with the trade contractors to anticipate and minimize any issues that could lead to cost changes.