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There is a lot of strength to an organization’s heritage.  For Spence Brothers, it’s the trust we’ve earned with our customers in emphasizing the powerful, back-to-basic mentality of General Contracting.  We have woven it into each of our construction delivery systems.  It is the centerpiece for more than a century-old tradition of building trusted relationships, as well as countless great buildings across
Michigan, which stand as testimony to our capabilities.

Choosing Construction Management, General Contracting or a Design/Build approach for your project; or our time-honored tradition of expert concrete and carpentry trade work means this proven experience of effectively building Michigan
's most notable structures is in your back pocket.

Construction Services - Michigan - Spence BrothersWith such a solid history of self-performing many of the construction phases of the projects we build, our record of successful experience to solve problems and anticipate the needs of a project is used to your benefit - and rarely duplicated. Spence Brothers provide Owners the confidence in knowing the reliable dedication of a trusted construction partner is advocating for competitive pricing, while keeping with the heritage of delivering the signature quality associated with the Spence Brothers name. 

We know how to build, not just push paper – yielding one of the industry’s strongest track records for construction expertise and cost control for the most demanding projects.

Are you seeking a construction relationship built on trust?  At Spence Brothers, it’s a heritage we’re proud to repeat on every job.