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 Green Construction Projects - Michigan - Spence Brothers

Spence Brothers' Green Projects

Our "green" building record continues to grow as more Owners embrace the benefits of buildings with more energy efficiencies and less environmental impact.  At Spence Brothers, we take our role in educating our project partners about these benefits very seriously, and we have responded faithfully with education programs and "go see it" events to strengthen their knowledge through Spence Brothers' "hands-on" experience.



Delta College has GOLD!

Description: The Health & Wellness Addition and Renovations will help medical field students prepare for their future in a new state-of-the-art facility.  Interestingly, this LEED Gold Certified facility has an outstanding design prescribed for its own health.

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Michigan Green Construction - East End - Spence Brothers

Midland's East End Development Will Seek LEED Silver for Core & Shell

Description: Construction is complete for this new four-story mixed-used development.  This green building approach is a system designed to provide a set of performance criteria for certifying the sustainable design and construction of core and shell buildings.


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Michigan Green Construction - Ann Arbor - Spence Brothers

One the State's Most Eco-friendly Transportation Facilties - Blake Transit Center (LEED GOLD)

Description: This new transportation facility for the Ann Arbor Transit Authority (AATA) will host a green roof and stormwater collection for gray water use.  The AATA is also investing in an energy efficient heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system, as well as energy efficient lighting with advanced lighting controls and LED fixtures.  The sidewalks and driveway will be heated for snow and ice removal in the winter.


Green Construction - Michigan - Traverse City - Spence Brothers

Learning - the "Green" way at Northwestern Michigan College

Description: Aero Park Laboratories supports the preparation of students in the construction, energy and environmental sectors which is projected to continue its growth pattern as Michigan continues its transition from a manufacturing economy. This LEED Certified instructional environment helps students better understand the industries they are preparing themselves to work in.


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Green Interiors - Ann Arbor - Michigan - Spence Brothers

Commercial Interior at JJR-Ann Arbor
seeks LEED Gold - CI

Description: When an Ann Arbor planning and landscape architecture company with a national reputation commits to 11,000sf of office spance, it is a big deal.  Yet, JJR wanted it to be an even bigger deal!  After signing a lease to move into a newer office building on Depot Street, the vision of creating a new office space became a reality - transforming it into an example of what JJR’s Workplace Studio can do for interior architecture clients.
The new office space exemplifies the workplace of the future with more flexible work stations; less traditional personal space per employee; and more team and collaborative areas that accommodate video conferencing and other newer workplace dynamics




Dow - Green Construction - Michigan - Midland - Spence Brothers

2011 Build Michigan Award Winner!
Dow's Commitment to a Sustainable Future

Description: The Dow Business Services Center symbolizes a Fortune 50 company’s progression toward a sustainable future. In fact, The Dow Chemical Company set important goals to improve their environment, health and safety performance through their 2015 Sustainable Goals...and this new, state-of-the-art, energy efficient and environmentally correct building on their corporate campus is a pure reflection of this commitment.

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Great Lakes Bay Region - Green Construction - SVSU - Spence Brothers

The Great Lakes Bay Region's First "Green" Building

Description: The Pioneer Hall project was SVSU’s first attempt at a LEED certified project.  Spence Brothers provided the team approach and CM documentation needed to bring success to this energy and environmentally conscious project, earning it a LEED Silver Certification.  This project encompassed 45,000sf of renovated existing space with an addition of 30,000sf to include classrooms, general office spaces, state-of-the-art laboratories, and the mechanical and electrical engineering departments.

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Camp Michigania - Green Construction - The University of Michigan - Spence Brothers

2010 Build Michigan Award Winner!
LEED for the Maize and Blue!

Description: Spence Brothers is served as the Construction Manager for this LEED project involving the construction of a two-level summer-camp dining hall for The University of Michigan Alumni Association.  The building is oriented to maximize the varied characteristics of the natural landscapes with primary dining spaces framing views of the surrounding lake and rustic scenery.
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Higher Education Green construction - SVSU - Spence Brothers

Geo-Exchange & Photovoltaic at SVSU

Description: The College of Health & Human Services is Saginaw Valley State University's second LEED building.  Some of the especially “green” features of this project include photovoltaic panels for more environmentally friendly electricity production, as well as the construction of what will be the largest closed-loop geo-exchange pond system in the state of Michigan to support the heating and cooling requirements for this 90,000sf structure.

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Living Center - Green Building - Saginaw - Spence Brothers

Saginaw Valley Rehab Center Goes Green!

Description: This entirely new build is a living and training facility allowing young people with disabilities the opportunity to learn independent living skills.  Seeking LEED Certification, the facility will showcase green features such as:  Geo-Thermal HVAC systems; recycled construction materials; water conserving fixtures; native plantings; and construction waste management.


LEED-ing by Example:

Educating our Project Partners

Takin' the LEED - Spence Brothers   

What is Takin' the LEED?

Takin' the LEED is a comprehensive, self-initiated training program for Owners, Architects and Spence Brothers employees to galvanize a better understanding of the LEED®  building practices; and to prepare Spence Brothers employees and other construction partners for the green movement. 

Spence Brothers hosted a two-day seminar where the LEED® NC criteria for building certification was presented by James Newman of Newman Consulting - one of the industry’s most qualified presenters on the subject. 

As a follow-up to the seminar, Spence Brothers conducted a series of vigorous study group sessions to prepare attendees for taking the LEED® NC examination.

When unique green technologies are being applied to Spence Brothers' projects, we invite other Owners, Architects and Subcontractors to the site allowing them to see the emerging technology with their own eyes.

On Sept. 30, 2009, Aquathermal Day was developed to showcase the largest geo-exchange closed-loop pond system in Michigan at Saginaw Valley State University.  The Aquathermal System will support the heating and cooling needs for the new 90,000sf Health & Human Services facility.

The Aquathermal Day event provided topical experts at various "live" work stations during the installation of over 20 miles of coils on 28 grids which support the closed-loop pond system.  Over 100 statewide representatives from higher education facilities, engineering and architectural design firms and numerous subcontractor categories presented their questions and received experienced answers about the benefits of the geo-exchange technology.


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