Construction Management

Construction Management Services

Construction Management - Spence BrothersMore than a century of unmatched experience and the reliable dedication of our family of construction professionals ensure that Spence Brothers will deliver the best project supervision and management.

Regardless of their chosen project delivery method, our customers have given strong testimony that Spence Brothers gives them “the best of both worlds”, a unique combination of the best Construction Management and General Contracting approaches to a project.

The best of Construction Management (CM) means:

  • A team approach with the Owner, designer and the CM
  • Pre-Construction Services
  • Value Engineering & Cost Estimates
  • Phasing & Scheduling Services
  • Thorough prequalification and selection of trade contractors
  • LEED Certification options and submittal assistance

Unlike many Construction Managers, Spence Brothers also combines the above with the key benefits of General Contracting, including:


  • Taking full responsibility of trade contractors, rather than a simple owner’s “advisor”
  • Experienced Estimators who can accurately interpret construction documents and write clear, complete bid scopes for trade contractors, resulting in lower bids without gaps or duplication
  • Superintendents and Project Managers that know how to build, not just push paper
  • Trade contractors, resulting in lower bids without gaps or duplication.



Building expertise and taking responsibility like a General Contractor…providing the professional services and teamwork of a Construction Manager.  Truly - the best of both worlds.


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