Jun 4, 2024

Former Saginaw News Building Receives Michigan Historical Marker

Since 1955, Michigan Historical Markers have told the story of Michigan and its people. They are a tangible reminder of our roots, an inspiration for our future, and the thread that ties our state together.

We are excited to announce that the Saginaw News Building, now known as the SVRC Marketplace, has been honored with a historical marker. This marker commemorates the transformation of a historic landmark into a lively center for business and community involvement.

The Saginaw News Building, originally constructed by Spence Brothers in 1958, was a vital institution in local journalism for several decades, documenting the city’s successes and hardships. In 2018, SVRC Industries, Spence Brothers, and WTA Architects transformed the building into the SVRC Marketplace, breathing new life into the community.

The SVRC Marketplace, a four-level, mixed-use redevelopment, stands as a testament to the building’s heritage and a symbol of resilience and progress. It offers a unique blend of shops, services, and diverse dining experiences, making it a vibrant hub for the community. Spence Brothers is proud to call this building “home,” housing our Saginaw headquarters on the third floor.