Nov 30, 2016

Genesee County Water Treatment Plant Ahead of Schedule



In western Lapeer County, construction of the treatment plant is ahead of schedule and under budget. In less than a year, Genesee County water customers could be drinking KWA water and not from the Detroit water system.

Construction is about three months ahead of schedule on the building where the water will be treated before being sent into the Genesee County water system.

“The contract requires them to be complete in August and the schedule that they’ve presented allows them to be completed in May,” said Matt Raysin, Genesee County water and waste services assistant director of engineering.

Spence Brothers is the general contractor.

“They have hundreds of people working on the project and with the number of people working on the project, it’s helped them out to get the project on time,” Raysin said.

Construction of new water treatment plant is on schedule –

Genesee County Water Treatment Plant