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Flint, Michigan

East Hall and Student Commons @ Baker College

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  • Furnishing recycling and donation program

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The East Hall is a three-story structure containing 36 double apartment-style suites and was built in 1988. Since then, it has remained largely unchanged.

Extensive updates occurred to the existing finishes in the rooms, as well as the corridors and Student Commons. Along with finishes, the furniture was also updated to further enhance the student experience. The investment to these student-centered spaces provides Baker College’s recruitment group an exciting new feature to share with potential students.

“Spence Brothers’ industry knowledge and craftsmanship excel and are reflected in the quality of the new spaces. They were conscientious of our budget and continued to look for ways to provide quality materials and craftsmanship while keeping track of our expenses,” said Wen Hemingway, President of Baker College of Flint.

“Baker College of Flint is so pleased with their work that we are contracting with Spence Brothers again to address additional buildings.”