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Commerce, Michigan

Commerce Township Wastewater Treatment Plant

the Project stats

80 acre site

Construction Manager

Giffels Webster


  • 20,000 cubic yard of concrete

the Project study

The expansion of this wastewater treatment facility from 2.4 MGD to 8.5 MGD posed several challenges, including maintaining operations throughout construction and building in close proximity to residential and environmentally sensitive areas. However, the Township recognized the need for enhanced management of this complex project’s context-sensitive issues. Recognized leaders in construction, Spence Brothers was selected to perform as the Construction Manager for the Township, resulting in a true collaborative partnership with the Township, designer, construction team, and the ultimate plant operator, the Oakland County Water Resources Commissioner.

Our services on this project included extensive value engineering, constructability, process design, scheduling, operations and safety reviews, as well as concrete and general trade work.  This project encompassed approximately 20,000 cubic yards of concrete, with an excess of $2m in cost savings due to our value engineering expertise.  With this net of additional costs, the Owner was able to add various operational and safety improvements to the job.

This project, which spans the area of two football fields, included the construction of a brand-new treatment plant, constructed adjacent to the existing.  All plant processes were included in the construction ranging from influent wet well to affluent pumps:  screening, grit removal, oxidation ditches, clarifiers, disk filters, ultraviolet disinfection, as well as sludge belt presses.