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University Center, Michigan

Delta College Electronic Media Broadcasting Renovation

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11,300 sf

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Home to two public broadcasting stations, WDCQ-TV and WUCX-FM, Delta’s broadcasting facilities were originally constructed in 1961 and have experienced few improvements over the years. The last occurred in 2003, when Delta entrusted Spence Brothers with enhancements to make WDCQ-TV the first public TV station in Michigan to transmit a 100% digital signal. Today, much of this equipment is nearing the end of its useful life. Likewise, admin areas were designed before the wide use of computers making seating and lighting ergonomics an issue with office-sizes and configurations that limit flexibility.

Upgrades will revitalize the area into a platform for state-of-the-art learning and a wide variety of digital media productions for students and producers. Spaces slated for renovation include media production, faculty and staff offices, conference rooms, classrooms, and building service areas. Along with upgrades to power, data, communications, and the area’s HVAC, renovations will enhance adjacencies and production workflow; provide student proximity to the broadcasting stations; and ensure faculty and coordinator offices are adjacent to the teaching areas.

Designs for faculty and staff spaces will allow for flexible repurposing over time, as needed.

Of the project’s $5.9M budget, just over half has been dedicated to equipment upgrades, while remaining funds will support academic and office area renovations. The latter are being financed, in-part, by a 50% match in Capital Outlay funds from the State of approximately $1.4M.