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Saginaw, Michigan

HealthSource Saginaw

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Edmund London & Associates, Inc.


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Owned by Saginaw County, HealthSource Saginaw is home to 319 inpatient beds providing behavioral health, long-term extended care, and rehabilitation services to County residents. The facility was originally built in 1929, and the County sold bonds to finance a major addition and renovation to the entire facility. Construction took place through eight phases, including the addition of over 169,310sf of patient/resident/client care facilities and renovation of up to an additional 47,630 existing square feet of the existing facility.  Throughout construction, all patient care areas and related support functions occupied a one-story building, while the existing 319-bed capacity was maintained.  Work included both the renovation and addition of living areas as well as the renovation of the facility’s main dining facility, as well as lounge, corridor and meeting spaces.

With the Owner’s desire to add psych space and additional renovations, the budget, along with the project scope, increased during the design phase.  Spence Brothers’ collaborative efforts with the Architect, Owner, and Contractors accomplished value engineering in the amount of $2 million to offset the difference and maintain the Owner’s desired scope of work.