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Kalkaska, Michigan

Kalkaska Memorial Health Center Medical Pavilion

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  • Underground Retention

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The Medical Pavillion is a two-story medical office building addition at the existing Kalkaska Memorial Health Center. The addition includes ambulatory health clinic spaces, medical support, and site improvements to two parking lots.

The pavillion provides new waiting area and lobby at the northeast end of the existing hospital. The first floor features 24 new exam rooms, will shelled space for an additional 12 exam rooms in the future. Offices for staff and doctors are also provided. A pharmacy was located on the second floor, along side a 5,450sf chemotherapy clinic. An additional 3,000sf of shelled space was built for future needs of the health center on the second floor.

The building exterior includes a mix of face brick and decorative CMU units. An aluminum-framed skylight provides cover at the main entrance to the Pavilion lobby.

Two existing paved parking lots were removed and replaced with larger, more efficient parking lots with underground storm sewer and lighted islands. An underground infiltration system was also installed in two locations under each reconstructed lot.