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Saginaw, Michigan

Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation at Covenant Healthcare

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Mary Free Bed provides the most comprehensive rehabilitation services in Michigan and is nationally renowned for achieving excellent outcomes for children and adults who have experienced amputations, brain injuries, cancer, multiple traumas, spinal cord injuries, strokes, and many other diagnoses.

This new facility features 3-stories of mixed clinical use. The 1st-floor houses outpatient physical therapy services and engineering infrastructure, while the 2nd and 3rd floors are home to inpatient services with 30 beds on each floor.

Noteworthy spaces on the 1st floor include a central therapy-garden courtyard, large gym spaces, clinics, food services, an orthotics/prosthetics shop, and staff spaces. A therapy roof deck above the 1st floor features hardscape and landscaping in planters and sections of green roof.

High performance hydronic boilers provide heat. (While forced air can lose energy as it travels through ducts, and is not a particularly good heat conductor, less energy is required to heat the water of a hydronic boiler and transfer its heat.) Semi-custom rooftop AHUs with air-cooled condensers that offer exceptionally low air leakage rates, superior casing, and advanced air recovery are the high-efficiency baseline of these systems. A new domestic water booster pump and new fire pump support the facility, while newly installed connections to Covenant’s existing facility serve Mary Free Bed’s oxygen needs.