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Midland, Michigan

Midland County Courthouse Renovation

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Construction Manager

Archiverde Design, LLC


  • Historic Renovation
  • Snowmelt Walkways

the Project study

Originally constructed by Spence Brothers in 1925, the Midland County Courthouse was in need of more accessible entrances and more space for file storage and mechanical systems. A 20,000 square foot addition will make way for these spaces, while nearly 25,000 square feet of the existing historic building is being renovated. The remodel includes the installation of a complete fire suppression system. Judicial chambers and courtrooms are mostly untouched. Most of the remodeling is in public spaces, conference rooms, restrooms, and staff/public interaction areas. A snowmelt system was also installed along walkways on the exterior of the building.

Interior work was designed to increase safety of employees and the public, while providing more space for some departments and separation from the public. Additional exits provided improved safety in case of emergencies. A separate hallway was built for transportation of inmates from the sally port to the courtrooms, helping maintain separation between inmates and the public.