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Midland, Michigan

Pinecrest Farms of Midland County

the Project stats


Construction Manager

Hooker DeJong Architects


  • 34-units adult/elderly care units

the Project study

Spence Brothers served as the Construction Manager/constructor for the construction of Midland County’s new adult foster care facility situated on the same 160-acre site of a pre-existing infirmary facility.  Pinecrest Farms is a long-term care campus that includes 160 acres of land (fields, woods, crops, and a pond) offering multiple outdoor recreational opportunities. The complex includes a common area with a pool table and a large screen TV, Internet-connected computers, a library and a large aquarium.

This project consisted of residential-type housing construction to accommodate 60 residents who are physically and mentally disabled and elderly persons.  The facility’s design is intended to minimize operational costs and maximize flexibility to manage the facility’s current and future needs.