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Traverse City, MI

Northwestern Michigan College AeroPark Laboratories

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Cornerstone Architects


  • LEED Certified

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Located near the college’s existing M-TEC building, NMC purchased the former Acra, Inc., automotive parts manufacturing building in Traverse City. The purchase, accompanied by 8.5 acres, led to the expansion of NMC’s Aero Park campus facilities, which now houses new classrooms, offices, and laboratory space for their renewable energy, construction trades, and aviation programs.

Green Features Renewable Energy Program –For Student AND Public Learning! It was NMC’s desire no only to educate people (both students AND the public) about the importance of renewable energy but more importantly, to show them how to incorporate the knowledge into their everyday lives. The Renewable Energy program, at the Laboratories, features hands-on teaching tools including three generations of wind generators, a solar photovoltaic trainer, and a new wind tower in front of the building from which students can study real-time data.

In its sustainable construction, the renovation of this facility involved the use of low VOC materials, recycled content, regional materials, and a construction waste management plan; all utilized for their positive LEED impact.