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University Center, Michigan

College of Health & Human Services @ Saginaw Valley State University

the Project stats


Construction Manager

TMP Architects


  • LEED Silver
  • Geothermal pond system
  • PV Solar System
  • Buildings Magazine Merit Award, America’s Best Building of the Year

the Project study

Spence Brothers was the awarded construction manager for the building of this new facility, which consisted of all associated site work and utilities, classrooms, offices, laboratories, and auxiliary areas, as well as the coordination, relocation, and installation of equipment. This facility is a 2-story building, with a third-floor mechanical penthouse. The College of Health & Human Services contains five departments: Nursing, Occupational Therapy, Kinesiology, Health Science, and Social Work.

Some of the green features of this project include photovoltaic panels for more environmentally-friendly electricity production, as well as the construction of the largest closed-loop geothermal pond system in the state of Michigan, which supports the heating and cooling requirements of this 90,000sf structure.

A pre-existing man-made pond at the construction site hosts the geothermal coils required for the closed-loop pond system, which carries a completely contained (“closed” loop) water/glycol mixture through piping at the pond floor. The system’s pumps circulate the fluid, providing environmentally-friendly heating and cooling throughout the year as the building’s demands change.   This system aided the facility in obtaining LEED Silver Certification.