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Ann Arbor, Michigan

Michigan Stadium Repairs and Expansion

the Project stats

5 separate projects over 12 years




  • Slab-on-deck construction

    Bleacher expansions and replacements

the Project study

Throughout the years, Spence Brothers has been called upon to complete various projects at “The Big House,” in 1996 at its entry plaza, in 1998 for bleacher expansions and replacements, and once again in 2004 & 2005 for major concrete repairs.  The 2004 project presented limitations to the type and size of equipment used to break-up and haul existing concrete, because only limited access through portals in each section of seating existed for its removal (approximately 7’ x 7’ in size or over the top).  Despite these challenges, Spence Brothers’ precise scheduling and coordination resulted in this project’s successful completion and contributed to our selection for the completion of later repairs in 2005.

Spence Brothers was contracted to perform the elevated slab-on-deck concrete work for the 2008 expansion project.  The specific scope included 6-stories of formed, elevated slab-on- deck, stair pan fill, and cast -in-place stairs, all taking place along the east and west sidelines of the stadium.  Overall, this project encompassed approximately 7,000 cubic yards of concrete, 75 tons of reinforcing steel, and 400,000sf of welded wire fabric.

Strict schedule coordination is key for work at Michigan Stadium, because great accommodation is required for the University’s home-game football team schedule.  With very limited space available, we coordinated the delivery and storage of materials and the use of equipment so that access could be maintained throughout the site.  In this way we were able not to impede the work-flow of fellow contractors and to keep the project on schedule.