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Millersburg, Michigan

USGS Hammond Bay Biological Station Laboratory

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The Hammond Bay Biological Station (HBBS) is located on a 60 acre property along Lake Huron. The new laboratory will replace a portion of the existing laboratory-administration facility. The existing lab-admin facility will be fully occupied and operational throughout construction. As valuable animals and on-going research are housed in the existing laboratory-administration building, services cannot be disrupted.

This project included site clearing, demolition of existing underground services, demolition of designated out-buildings, demolition of paving, refurbishment and relocation of existing site utilities, construction of a new 8,000sf laboratory, rough grading, erosion control measures, and site development (paving, utilities, final grading, and seeding).

The laboratory is connected via cast-in-place concrete raceways including a 36” diameter intake line from Lake Huron and a 36” discharge line from the Raceway out to Lake Huron. Labs feature fume hoods, twenty Aquatic Water-To-Water Heat Pumps for tempering of water for experiments, equipment to produce Deionized and Reverse Osmosis water, and two combination Drum Filters/UV Sterilizers for processing of the Lake Water Discharge waste water.