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Primary Benefits to You

  • Consistent delivery platform for fact-based foundational messaging

  • Build retention through powerful, first impression communication materials

  • Grow support for your cause and/or construction project

About Communication Services

There are many forms of communication available to portray your message. They range from printed materials to standing up and speaking out on your objectives. The problem here is retention.

Studies suggest people remember only 20% of what they hear and only 30% of what they see. Yet, people remember an incredible 70% of what they hear and see! It’s no wonder the use of video communication has quickly become a “must-have” marketing and communications tool to get a message across a large mass of people.

A Spence Brothers video will tell your story through the powerful combination of audio and visual marketing.

At Spence Brothers, our video communication and campaign strategy services are the tool for gaining front-end support for your upcoming construction project. Whether you need awareness for funding, or buy-in from your stakeholders, it is the most influential and effective of all marketing materials – more so than printed materials. A video will tell your story through the powerful combination of audio and visual marketing.

We are ready to help you meet your first impression challenge – and when you leave a lasting impression, you have delivered your message in a clear and memorable way. A video will deliver your message about your corporate culture and your objective in an impressive and consistent package. You’ll reach your audience in a more amiable manner with effective and consistent messages communicated via video.

Our project development team will develop your “first impression” video and assist with the proper development and implementation of all of your supportive campaign materials – allowing you to get your message across loud and clear.

Using the tools

Visual continuity in a communication campaign breeds credibility. How so?

Your communication efforts are far more effective when everything works together. When your message and visuals harmonize, the effect of one communication piece builds on the next. We’ll assist you with creating the picture, the promise and the reality. Bottom line: If you aren’t speaking with a consistent visual voice, chances are your time spent on the effort will have a diluted – or even negative – effect.

We can help.

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