Construction Management

Commerce Township Wastewater Treatment Plant

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construction management services

Primary Benefits to You

  • Fixed-fee for our services

  • Overall lower project cost to you

  • Extended value/scope of construction

  • Pre-qualification & participation of your local subcontractors

  • Spence Brothers' extensive project management experience and solid track record

About Construction management

Spence Brothers’ Construction Management (CM) Project Delivery offers you the greatest benefit in terms of construction method and value for your dollar, through:

  • The greatest degree in flexibility for determining the specifics of your building’s design early-on
  • Leveraging our extensive knowledge-base of construction experience, best practices and cost-saving recommendations during the preconstruction phase
  • Qualifying, encouraging and including local subcontractors to participate in your build
  • Our best-practice methodologies applied to the management and cost-control of your construction
  • The earliest possible start and completion of your project
  • Our CM fee is a fixed amount determined before construction
Dow East End Corporate

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By far, CM has become the most popular approach used for construction since it truly serves the interest of the Owner as well as the builder. It is a true team environment – where Spence Brothers’ role is more as your advocate through design and construction – sharing your interest of getting the best possible building, completed at the highest possible quality, while delivering it to you with the lowest cost.

It has been proven how decisions made at the early stages of the design process have the most impact on the success of the project.

The CM process allows our historical knowledge and building expertise to be applied during Preconstruction as well as the Construction Phase. What does this mean?

Through Preconstruction, our team will work with your Architect over the design phase to prepare estimates of construction cost, as well as estimates of comparative costs for different systems, alternative materials, and scheduling options – often referred to collectively as Value Engineering.

It has been proven how decisions made at the early stages of the design process have the most impact on the success of the project. You’ll want someone that knows how to build on your side – not just having a history of pushing paperwork around. With Spence Brothers at the table as your advocate, you are best positioned to make good and informed decisions to maximize your construction dollar. We want you to make the most of this critical and valuable stage of your project. In many cases, adding “wish list” items back into your project is possible due to up-front savings and good cost decisions.

We’ll treat your building investment as if it were our own – at every stage of the project.


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