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Pre-planning services

Primary Benefits to You

  • Early-on budget projection & analysis from your conceptual design

  • Leverage Spence Brothers’ extensive data & experience from similarly completed projects

  • Constructible/Practical Solutions provided for your on-going design development

  • Engagement of our best subcontractors for cost-saving approaches to construction

About Pre-planning

The Pre-Planning phase is an important “out-of-the-gate” function in the process of determining many factors about your new project before construction begins. The time spent in the pre-planning phase is one of diligent analysis. It typically happens once some form of funding for your construction project is available, and before the design development begins with your Architect.

The last thing you want to do is go through a conceptual design phase and learn your building plan is too far out of reach for your budget. How can this be avoided?

During Pre-Planning, we will assist in addressing several items, including:

  • Your Spatial Requirements – defining the needs of the user(s) – including equipment and functional relationships
  • Conceptual Cost vs. Budget – making sure your design doesn’t exceed your construction budget
  • Whether your concept is constructible – and providing practical solutions from our experience to ensure a smooth construction project.
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At Spence Brothers, our Pre-Planning services focus “up-front” energy during the earliest stages of your visioning process. Our goal is to help you efficiently plan and coordinate the conceptual design process. When you take advantage of our extensive construction experience and resources available, a more accurate cost projection results – along with ideas (based on our experience and concepts shared from some really great subcontractors) that can save you money without compromising your vision.